With more than 30 years of customer service experience, Tam Solutions is proud to partner with Arise to deliver superior customer service from highly trained call center personnel. We’ve worked with Arise for more than eight years, and together, we’re rewriting the future of customer care. We do all that by utilizing the Arise Platform.

The Arise Platform is designed to connect independent call center business to Fortune 500 and other large companies. When your company partners with Arise, you’ll receive certified customer service representatives who are highly trained in your specific processes. That training allows them to hit the ground running on day one and provide your customers with the caliber of service you expect. No time wasted with call center representatives going through training while queues back up, and no instances of rookie mistakes and upset customers.

Arise also outsources results for other back-office processes by utilizing innovative innovative cloud technology and crowdsourcing. As a result, they can deliver exceptional operational results and cost efficiencies. For more information about Arise, or to learn how Tam Solutions can help your company thrive, contact us online or by phone today.